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John Paul DeJoria, self made multi-billionaire and owner/co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems & Patron Tequila on KLLR Solutions

"Implementing one piece of a marketing plan, like a social media video for example, without planning out the entire vision and goal for the company is like having an airplane tire and expecting it to fly without the rest of the plane... or pilot... or mechanics... or ground crew... or an airport... It takes a planning and sleuth of pieces being in place to make that video profitable for that business. Everything needs to be in place for something to work in sync. We work with our clients to provide them with a complete strategic and profitable solution without having to hire other companies to do the work for us." 
~Luis Rodriguez, KLLR Solutions Founder
Betting on Entrepreneur's Dreams

In today's competitive market, many start up companies, especially start-ups, may not have or may not want to spend 500k - 1M+ on full blown, no limits, strategic marketing and branding campaigns. Capital restraints keep so many companies from becoming dominant players or setting themselves up for massive buy-outs from the large players in their markets. There are so many entrepreneurs with amazing ideas who's companies have the potential of becoming multi-million dollar businesses but are lacking the funding to truly compete in the business market at large scales. Our Partner Program may be the solution many entrepreneurs may need to make their dreams become a reality. More...